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bronx arcades

Bronx Arcades

The Bronx has a fun mix of activities for young and old alike. 

Table of contents

Child friendly arcades

For an awesome child living in the Bronx you have some fun birthday party options. Of course you can go old school with two different Chuck E. Cheese locations here and here. If you’re not familiar Chuck E. Cheese it’s famous for their children birthday parties. They have pizza, arcade games and more. 

If you want to try something outside the box consider a video game truck for your next child’s birthday party. A long truck that’s been remodeled to let yoBoth Rolling Video Games Long Island and Game Truck Long Island operate in the Bronx. Don’t let their names throw you. They operate throughout New York City. 

Miniature golf

If you’re looking for mini golf in The Bronx make sure to check out Turtle Cove Golf & Sports Entertainment Center​. 

Baseball cage

If you’re looking to get some swings in (especially during the cold months) or improve your baseball game check out Grand Slam Batting Cages. 

Local attractions: Bronx Zoo